1. Is my information private?
Yes, we do not release any patient information to anyone but the State of Nevada. Becoming a marijuana patient is medical information and no one will know you are a patient unless you show them your card.

2. What are the medical marijuana laws in Nevada?
You are allowed to carry 2.5 ounce of medicine on your person and grow 12 plants per patient or caregiver. To read all the laws please see the following documents. 453A of NRS & Senate Bill 357

3. Will my insurance cover the consultation?
Currently, no insurance company is covering the Nevada medical marijuana application or process. We suggest you contact your insurance company for more updated information.

4. Can I be denied a medical marijuana card?
You can be denied by the state if you have previously been convicted of crimes involving drugs.

5. How long will it take to get my medical marijuana card?
It can take as little as a few weeks or a few months to get your medical marijuana card after seeing our doctor. It depends on how many applications the State of Nevada is currently processing.

6. Can a minor have a medical marijuana card in Nevada?
Minors can have a card if they have the consent of their guardians and a qualifying condition.

7. What documents are required to apply for a medical marijuana card?
Current medical history and/or current prescriptions, an up-to-date Nevada State ID and cash or card to cover expenses to process the application.

8. What is a caregiver?
A caregiver is a person who may purchase, carry or grow your medication. Caregivers cannot consume marijuana but are protected by state law to administer or posses your medical marijuana.

9. Is my medical marijuana card valid in other states?
Currently no other states are accepting Nevada medical marijuana cards.

10. Is my medical marijuana card valid in other states?
You will need a current Nevada ID with your current home address. To update your address on your license please visit the Nevada DMV website.