Hemp is derived from old English. Hemp is a term that is used in regards to the products that can be derived from the marijuana plant. We commonly use many products today that are made from hemp. Some of these include pulp, paper, wax, oil, and even fuel sources. Hendersonhempcard of Nevada is a group promoted to the legalization of marijuana in this state. Hendersonhempcard is aware of the many beneficial uses of Cannabis sativa. Hendersonhempcard is aware that all forms of marijuana, even medicinal forms are illegal at the federal level. The THC component of cannabis is what gives it its hallucengenic properties. It is for this reason that it is considered a controlled substance. Despite this fact, many states have moved forward with legalizing marijuana within their jurisdictions.

Hendersonhempcard is of the school of thinking that allows low grade THC cannabis to be used as medicinal therapy. Hendersonhempcard is also a supporter of selling hemp based products to the local community. Hendersonhempcard is dedicated to informing the public of the many wonders that hemp has to offer. Did you know that hemp is a vital component in beauty and bath products. Hendersonhempcard also is keen on letting its consumers know that hemp is also edible. Many food items at local health food stores contain hemp as main or partial ingrediants.

Hendersonhempcard sells hemp seeds as one possible food source. Hemp seeds can be added to any recipe raw. You can also find hemp milk or hemp flour. Hemp seeds are also a great alternative to give to pets such as birds. Hendesonhempcard is committed to letting the community know that cannabis has been an important vegetative element througouout history. Not only was it ingested or smoked, it was an important tool of many native tribes. Hemp cordage and hemp fabric are just some of the many uses that indigenous tribes had for the plant derivative.

A modern use of hemp can be found in building materials such as hempcrete, insulation, and boarding. Hendersonhempcard advocates the priviledge of deserving citizens the ability to use up to an ounce of cannabis to self medicate. Hendersonhempcard is aware that a small list of diseases are approved to such care. Hendersonhempcard knows that hemp is also used to manufacture many composite plastics. Did you know that many of the vehicles on our roadways have hemp plastic components? Hemp is an amazing and unique product for mankind to utilize.